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Climate Simulation Programs

The global environmental, social and economic systems are all woven together in a systems of systems tapestry.  Organisations, governments and communities may grasp this at a conceptual level, but they have never grappled with it in all its stickiness and complexity.
This facilitated program will engage groups of all sizes in an exploration of those inter-connections for greater understanding of the collective sustainability challenges we face and potential solutions.   The program utilises a robust climate simulation model developed by MIT's Sloan School of Management and Climate Interactive that engages 18 different policy levers, with advanced settings for discussion.  Participants experience the climate, environmental and societal challenges in a way they never have before.
The intent is to engage the community, government and organisational leaders in new levels of systemic awareness and dialogue around the interactions between social, economic and environmental policies, greenhouse gas emissions and the projected impact on global temperatures up to 2100.   The learnings are transformative and the potential implications are vast for how we approach the uncertain future in a more collaborative and informed approach.  
Climate Simulation Programs include:
Reflective Dialogue
Climate Simulation Games
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Facilitated programs include:
En-ROADS Climate Simulator
Climate Simulation Programs include:
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