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2: The Practice of Alignment Series Overview

This Dialogue Blog series considers the importance of developing that intra- and inter-personal harmony by offering holistic practice considerations. They are intended as regular practices to support being in ‘right-relationship’ with yourself and with others. However, they are not prescriptions so much as offerings from which you may choose whatever feels useful and/or impactful. We each have our own preferences and practices and this is shared with respect to each person’s own.

We are but a collection of individuals living on this planet, together. For the collective and planet to align, the individual must also. Body, Heart, Mind and Spirit.

The practices in this blog series are drawn from the work I do with leaders, teams and athletes, as well as my own personal experience in all three facets. They are designed to address the whole of you and improve levels of alignment, energy management and physical/mental flexibility, adaptability and attention. Some of them are practices you may already consciously engage in, others may seem too obvious to mention. The question is whether or not we engage in these activities with conscious awareness, recognising their part in the systems within and around you.

As Deepak Chopra puts it, “we are an integrated whole.” Acknowledging that, I’ve arranged these practices into commonly used categories of Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual, primarily for organisation purposes. As you will see, these distinctions are often ineffective and do not adequately frame our integrated nature (See Fig. 1).

Fig. 1

These four categories are largely inseparable and so most of the practices cut across all of them. For each practice, I will include in parentheses secondary categories I believe each activity reflects upon, recognising there is a plausible argument for other interpretations. I will also seek to highlight these connections and reflect on the significance of each practice on our holistic wellbeing and capacity for systems awareness. They are, as indicated above, my offerings, which you may use or discard as you wish. Additionally, any thoughts or questions are welcome in the comments sections.


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