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"The observer is the observed."

- Jiddu Krishnamurti

Deepening Awareness, Learning  and Action 

We support the development and learning of executives and teams for greater levels of consciousness, vision, dialogue and decision-making as they address an increasingly uncertain and ambiguous environment.  

By building the awareness and skills to see and understand the dynamic relationships of the human systems we are part of, executives and teams can find the right lessons to build on and work toward optimising their approach, rather than exacerbating problems and/or creating new ones.

Common Objectives of Systems Coaching include:​

  • To support growth in capacity to understand and effectively respond to complex leadership challenges
  • To improve levels of awareness, resilience, adaptability, resourcefulness and / or creativity
  • To improve recognition and response to dynamic complexity, change and transitions
  • To explore and align values, purpose, vision and action for executives and teams
  • To improve executive and team vitality, energy,  communication and performance mindset


We employe the following methodologies and tools in our coaching:

  • Organization & Relationship Systems Coaching

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