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The following are some of the organizations we partner with:

Humanity is facing more and more risks to global stability.  From COVID-19 to geo-political conflicts to growing inequality to habitat destruction to water shortages to terrorism to the climate crisis and beyond.  The delicate balance of the systems around us and within us have been shaken.

"We selected Alignment to deliver an integration programme for our organization because they really took time to understand our requirements, our needs and the vision for our new organization. They truly facilitated the initiation of the team's transformation towards integration with a high level of commitment and trust that enabled them to act as a part of the team. The detailed preparation in the program design and the delivery of the workshop, getting the team fully engaged, and the use of exploratory tools has given my team insights about themselves and how to build a collaborative team culture.

"The whole workshop was well executed, insightful with a very clear, strong purpose and target. We were very pleased with the work delivered by Alignment and continue to engage them to support our journey ahead and take our individual leaders and the entire team to a new level."

Sandra Lim, Head of Global Regulatory Affairs-Asia Pacific, Bayer Healthcare

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