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Aligning People, Organisations and the Planet



Helping executives and leadership teams understand and respond to their complex challenges with systems thinking tools and perspectives.



Partnering with leaders and teams to develop new levels of awareness and thinking and seeing both the forest

AND the trees.

Exploratory Climate


Facilitating deeper conversations for pairs, teams and groups with conscious dialogue, resolving differences toward a more aligned, learning and adaptable organisation.

The Dialogue Blog

A space to contribute your perspectives and hear from others about the societal, economic and environmental challenges we face and how to approach them.   

The latest from The Dialogue Blog

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Lili, Doctor and

Health Educator

(on Systems Thinking Workshop)

As a health educator focused on implementing impactful societal and personal lifestyle changes to reverse diabetes and other global health issues, I am inspired by what I learned during this workshop.  It provided me with greater clarity about the complex challenges and possible solutions that I can employ to make a real difference. Looking forward to their implementation and best results.

Evelina, Head of Regional Marketing APAC

(on Systems Consulting)

Garrett's program opened my eyes to a whole new worldview and order that has helped me better understand and

address complex challenges. 

Garrett is a wonderful coach, with a true passion for the subject. 

This was one of the most useful programs I've been a part of in a long time.


Head of Channel Marketing

(on Systems Coaching)

Systems coaching with Garrett played an instrumental role in my leadership development – with a core focus on greater connection and creating a high performing team.  The journey to be the leader I truly want to be will always be continuing, but I'm personally delighted and very grateful to Garrett for the role he has played in this journey so far.

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About Alignment

Coaching & Consulting

Born of a desire to support more conscious organisations, markets and society, Alignment Coaching & Consulting works with the public, individuals and organisations to help them see more systemically, engage in new dynamics of leadership and relationship, and operate with greater levels of sustainable and agile performance and effective communication. 

Combining practical business management with new-level consciousness and systems-level thinking, dialogue and decision-making, AlignmentCC is looking ahead to the business and social environment humanity is on the precipice of entering - and how to prepare for it.

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