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Sustainability leadership to address increasingly complex challenges   



About Alignment
Coaching & Consulting

Alignment Coaching & Consulting works with leaders and organisations to address complex challenges and improve performance and communication.

We combine practical business management approaches and concepts of leadership, with new understandings of the dynamics that often go misunderstood or not seen at all.


We seek to address our collective challenges by supporting our clients desire to do good in the world and to help transform society one organisation at a time. 

Aligning People, Organisations

and the Planet

Organizational Systems Coaching

Helping leaders and teams understand and respond to their complex challenges with a systems lens and newfound awareness.


Partnering with executives with holistic approaches to

performance, leadership and transformation.


Facilitating group

leadership programs and event conversations toward  more aligned, learning and adaptable organizations.

The Dialogue Podcast

An exploration of the 'no-normal' environment we are stepping into and what will emerge in leadership across business, government and community. 

Join for the latest blogs and podcasts on conscious leadership.

Take a step toward greater awareness and effective action. 

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The Dialogue Blog 



Garrett R. Weiner Managing Consultant J.D., CPA, ICF (ACC)

Garrett partners with leaders and organisations across Asia to enhance their performance, awareness, decision-making and adaptability. This includes systems-focused coaching and facilitation across awareness, communication, purpose, vision and strategy, as well as communication, culture and sustainability reporting. He also advises on conflict management, mediates legal disputes for the Singapore Courts, and is an active mentor with Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project. 

Garrett's consulting acumen includes a background in financial and legal consulting and change and systems expertise. In addition to his accounting and legal degrees, he studied Sustainability Leadership with the Institute for Leadership and Sustainability (IFLAS) at the University of Cumbria. His coaching background includes almost a decade of coaching experience as an Associate (ACC) level International Coach Federation (ICF) certified coach, and is a practitioner of Organisation and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC).  

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